NMIMS Solved Assignment September 2023

NMIMS Solved Assignments September & December 2023 is Available

Your N M I M S “Narsee Monjee University” Solved assignments available for SEP 2023. Price only 299 per subject. Buy online from our website Your last date to submit your Solved NMIMS Assignments is 29th August 2023 so Hurry up. We also provide unique assignment answer for every student. hurry up, Limited Order You Can buy

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Decision Science NMIMS September 2023 Examination

Decision Science September 2023 Examination Q 1: Determine the probabilities for the below given statements and write your interpretation using following data.   (10 Marks)     Do you like Anupama?    No  Yes  Total  Do you like ‘Kyuki sas bhi kabhi bahu thi”? No 15 5 20 Yes 5 25 30  Total  20  30  50 1.   What is the probability that randomly selected person has said “yes, I like Kyuki…”? 2.   What is the probability that randomly selected person has said “ I don’t like Kyuki…”? 3.   What is the probability that randomly selected person has said “yes, I like Anupama…”? 4.  What is the probability that randomly selected person has said “ I don’t like Arupama…”? 5. What is the probability that randomly selected person has said ‘like Anupama’, also said ‘like kyuki….’ prior to that? 6.  What is the probability that randomly selected person has said ‘like Kyuki….’, also said “don’t like Anupama” prior to that? Note: Do not use any software for the calculation, you are advised to show all necessary steps of calculations. Q2: Calculate the correlations among all possible combinations of variables using the following data and write your interpretations.   (10 Marks) Q 3A: In Maharashtra there are 20 Big companies in IT sector. Out of these, 15 companies are in Mumbai. What is probability that at least two companies are from Mumbai if total 3 companies selected randomly to form a sample.     (5 Marks)  Note: Do not use any software for the calculation, you are advised to show all necessary steps of calculati Q 3B: Draw the Line chart using EXCEL for the following variables and write your interpretations. Looking at the graph/

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NMIMS Assignment September 2023

Solved Assignments & Project Reports are available for NMIMS assignments in September 2023. We offer unique quality assignments solutions for all NMIMS Assignment, NMIMS Assignments September 2023, NMIMS Solved Assignments September 2023. NMIMS Solve Assignments September 2023. NMIMS Assignment Solutions September 2023, NMIMS Assignment Solutions 2023. NMIMS Unique assignment, NMIMS Assignments help September 2023, NMIMS

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NMIMS Solved Assignments for sept 2023

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NMIMS Unique assignment and Project September 2023

Online Unique Assignment – An Innovative Approach to Learning in the https://lifelearneducation.com/ April Cycle 2023 Education is a constantly evolving field, and institutions are always seeking new and innovative ways to deliver high-quality education to their students. One such innovation is the concept of online unique assignments, and NMIMS, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, is

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