NMIMS Operations Management Assignment answers available

Operations Management

  1. List down and briefly explain the various types of inventories along with techniques of
    how to manage each. Identify at least three inventory management techniques applicable to
    pickup point stores of a large retail business operator with reasoning for the same. Explain
    how each technique contributes to the effective management of inventories for pickup
    point stores (assume several inventories of your choice). (10 Marks)
  2. Define the theory of constraints and its key principles. Using an example of any synchronous
    manufacturing system, identify a bottleneck in the production process and describe how the

Theory of Constraints can be applied to address this bottleneck. Also, describe how the
concept of drum-buffer-rope (DBR) can be used to optimize production scheduling and
improve overall system performance
(10 Marks)

  1. The facilities management department is a good example wherein the operations involve the
    integration of the “core operations function” to be coordinating and working in sync with
    other departments. With reference to the healthcare sector discuss the following aspects of
    operations in a big multi-specialty hospital setup.
    a. Explain the role of operations managers in their interface with other functions in hospital
    facilities management. Give relevant examples.
    (5 Marks)
    b. Define Quality and list and discuss in brief the various dimensions of quality in hospital
    facilities management.
    (5 Marks)

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