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Charges Rs-299 per assignment (its general assignment, you need to make 30-40% changes before uploading) NMIMS assignments available for April 2024 last date is 28 March 2024.

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NMIMS University Assignment and Project Submission Last Date 29/05/2024

We Offer Our Service for The Following Courses:

We are providing nmims solved assignment June2024 for the following courses offered by Nmims University:

MBA June 2024

Financial Management – June2024

Professional Certificate in Data Science – June 2024

Business Management – June 2024

Human Resource Management – June 2024

Executive MBA – April 2024
MBA in Business Analytics – June 2024                       

Data Science Programs – June 2024   
Professional Certificate in Data Science – June 2024
Professional Diploma in Data Science– June 2024                                 
Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence – June 2024                                  

Diploma Programs – June 2024

Business Management – April 2024                 
Human Resource Management – April 2024
Operations Management – April 2024 
Banking and Finance Management – April 2024  
International Trade Management – April 2024                 
Financial Management – April 2024
International Trade Management – April 2024                                         
Bachelor Programs – June
Bachelor of Commerce – April 2024         
(BBA) – Business Analytics – April 2024
Bachelor in Business Administration – April 2024          

Certificate Programs –June 2024

Digital Marketing – April 2024                      

Content Marketing – April 2024                   

Social Media – April 2024                  

Search Engine Marketing – April 2024

Digital Marketing Analytics – April 2024                    

Project Management – April 2024                   

Operations Management – April 2024                       

IT Management – April 2024                    

Corporate Communications – April 2024

Explore The Features Of Our NMIMS Solved Assignment For April 2024:

Assignments can be tough, right? That’s why we help students by providing them NMIMS solved assignment. Well, our team of smart writers and subject experts are here to make it easier for you. Here’s why you should check out our NMIMS University Solved Assignments:

MBA – International Trade Management April 2024

Semester 1 Semester 2
Management Theory and Practice Business Communication
Organisational Behaviour Essentials of HRM
Marketing Management Business Law
Business Economics Strategic Management
Financial Accounting & Analysis Operations Management
Information Systems for Managers Decision Science

Semester 3 Semester 4
Operations and Supply Chain Strategies International Marketing
Export Import Procedures and Documentation International Finance
International Business International Logistics & Supply Chain Management
India’s Foreign Trade Business: Ethics, Governance & Risk
Customs Shipping and Insurance Research Methodology
Project Management Project

MBA – Banking and Finance Management April 2024

Semester 1 Semester 2
Management Theory and Practice Business Communication
Organisational Behaviour Essentials of HRM
Marketing Management Business Law
Business Economics Strategic Management
Financial Accounting & Analysis Operations Management
Information Systems for Managers Decision Science

Semester 3 Semester 4
Commercial Banking System & Role of RBI International Banking & Foreign Exchange Management
Cost & Management Accounting Treasury Management in Banking
Retail Banking Insurance & Risk Management
Corporate Finance Business: Ethics, Governance & Risk
Marketing of Financial Services Research Methodology
Financial Institutions and Markets Project

Important Updates on NMIMS April 2024 Assignments 

You all have to submit your nmims April 2024 assignments before deadlines as the university released the submission date which is 26th May 2024. So what are you waiting for just contact us to book your April 2024 solved assignments.

  • Internal assignments constitute 30% of the total course requirement.
  • All nmims assignment solutions will be strictly checked for plagiarism and only unique solutions will be accepted.
  • All your nmims assignment answers should not be copied from other students.  

All About NMIMS Assignments April 2024 

How to get a good score on Assignments?

Internal assignments to be completed and submitted by the student constitute 30% of the total course requirement. If you can score well in internal assignments, your overall score will improve greatly. However, many students are unable to score good marks due to various reasons. So we help them by providing them nmims assignment answers at reasonable rates.

Lack of thorough understanding of the subject matter

Some of the students lack understanding of the subject that’s why they make mistakes in the assignment or they want some time to understand the subjects but till then the teachers give them the assignments & they are not able to make the assignments. Here, we come to help these students by providing them with assignment solutions at pocket-friendly prices so that they can get good scores in their academics.

Lack of proficiency in written English

Many students may have a good understanding of the subject matter but can still not get a good score due to a lack of sufficient command of the English language. With our assistance in completing the assignment, these students may get the score they deserve except for a lack of proficiency in written English.

Lack of knowledge of formats for assignment writing

Academic writing such as internal assignments, project reports, synopsis, thesis, etc. all has its own specific format.  There are various specific formatting requirements regarding page margin, font size, spacing, etc. as well as specific guidelines of universities that must be strictly adhered to. Students are often unaware of these requirements and are unable to complete their assignments as per the guidelines.  In order to get a good score, students must complete their assignments as per these guidelines.

Join Thousands of Successful NMIMS Students

Join the thousands of students who have achieved academic success with our Solved Assignments. Our commitment to quality, affordability, and on-time delivery has made us the preferred choice for NMIMS Solved Assignments.

Don’t let the pressure of assignments stop your academic progress. With our Solved Assignments, you have a trusted partner who can help you excel in your studies and secure the grades you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you Provide Nmims Solved Assignments?

Yes, we provide nmims solved assignments at reasonable rates. We assure you that our solved assignments will get approved by your university.

How can I get NMIMS Assignments?

Getting your nmims assignments is easy. Just visit, tell them what you need, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Is assignment question answers tough?

No, if you have studied well then you can solve nmims assignment question answer easily. But if you want help in solving your assignment’s answer then we are here for you. We provide the best nmims assignment solution. No copy-pasting from us and you will also achieve good scores.

Can I get a solved assignment free of cost?

No, we don’t provide solved assignments free of cost because we work hard to solve your assignment. But we do not charge much we provide affordable service according to your needs and requirements. Whatsapp us for assignment help and support.

Nmims assignments copy case

Assignments submitted by students often get rejected and get flagged as ‘copied’, thereby failing in the assignment. But here we take care of that & provide you the 100% unique nmims assignment solutions.

This may happen for several reasons: students may copy and paste the material they find on the internet instead of just using it as a reference source; students may copy each other’s assignment and present it as their own words don’t use any AI tools and paraphrasing tools ;

It should be noted that an assignment may be flagged as ‘copied’ or ‘plagiarized’ even when only some part of it has been copied. Some examiners are very strict and even an assignment with as little as 20% plagiarized content may be rejected.

From where I can get nmims solved assignment for mba?

Yes, we provide NMIMS solved assignments for MBA at very affordable prices and we assure you that you will get good scores in your assignment. Call us to book your solved assignment for your MBA at discounts.

Will I get a refund if I am not satisfied?

No, but if you are not satisfied and if any specific requirement is not being met, we will redo the work for free. In case we are unable to complete your assignment, we will refund you your money.

I want to know more, where do I go from here?

We have a dedicated marketing team who are available 24/7 to answer all your queries. You can chat with us using the Whatsapp chat link provided above or you can call us directly at +91 8123785987

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