Python Projects List 2024

Most recent CSE Python Activities on ML and simulated intelligence (2024)

Python Projects List 2024

These are the most recent CSE Python projects on the domains of machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain technology, cloud computing, data mining, network security, and cyber security. Download the Python Projects on ML and AI—2024 Projects List here.

For the year 2024, these are the most recent Python Machine Learning and Deep Learning projects.

SLProject LIST
1A Hybrid Fuzzy Logic-based Deep Learning Approach for Fake Review Detection and Sentiment Classification of Amazon Food Reviews
2News Text Summarization Based on Multi-Feature and Fuzzy Logic
3An Android Malware Detection Approach Based on SIMGRU
4Access Control and Authorization in Smart Homes: A Survey
5Spam Detection for Youtube Comments
6Animal Classification using Facial Images with Score-Level Fusion
7An Enhanced Anomaly Detection in Web Traffic Using a Stack of Classifier Ensemble
8Automatic Corpus Creation and Annotation for Natural Language Processing of Telugu
9Blockchain for Secure EHRs Sharing of Mobile Cloud-Based E-Health Systems
10CaptionBot for Assistive Vision
11A joint multi-task CNN for cross-age face recognition
12Cyber security Tools for IS Auditing
13Cyber Threat Detection Based on Artificial Neural Networks Using Event Profiles
14A Deep Learning Approach for Effective Intrusion Detection in Wireless Networks using CNN
15Digital Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Elliptic Curve Public Cryptosystem
16Toward Universal, Word Sense Disambiguation Using Deep Neural Networks
17An Expert System for Insulin Dosage Prediction
18An Efficient Gait Recognition Method for Known and Unknown Covariate Conditions
19Self-Diagnosing Health Care Chatbot using Machine Learning
20Machine learning Models for diagnosis of the diabetic patient and prediction insulin dosage
21An Improved Approach to Movie Recommendation System
22Efficient Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning for Blockchain Network
23Sentiment Analysis to Classify Amazon Product Reviews Using Supervised Classification Algorithms
24A Deep Learning Approach for Effective Intrusion Detection in Wireless Networks using CNN
25SE-Enc: A Secure and Efficient Encoding Scheme Using Elliptic Curve Cryptography
26Secure Image Transmission Using Chaotic-Enhanced Elliptic Curve Cryptography(JAVA)
27Predicting Stock Market Trends Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms Via Continuous and Binary Data a Comparative Analysis
28Multimedia summarization
29Quality Risk Analysis for Sustainable Smart Water Supply Using Data Perception
30Android Permission Control App(ANDROID)
31Increasing the Performance of Machine Learning-Based IDSs on an Imbalanced and Up-to-Date Dataset
32Fake Image Identification
33Non-Binary Image Classification using Convolution Neural Networks
34Robust Intelligent Malware Detection Using Deep Learning
35Construction site accident analysis using text mining and natural language processing techniques
36Cyber Threat Detection Based on Artificial Neural Networks Using Event Profiles
37Data Recovery
38Context-Based Image Processing Using Machine Learning Approaches
39A Knowledge-Based Recommendation System That Includes Sentiment Analysis and Deep Learning
40Robust Intelligent Malware Detection Using Deep Learning
41Rossman Stores Sales Prediction
42A Driving Decision Strategy (DDS) Based on Machine learning for an autonomous Vehicle
43A Machine Learning-Based Lightweight Intrusion Detection System for the Internet of Things
44A Model for prediction of consumer conduct using a machine learning algorithm
45An automatic garbage classification system based on deep learning
46Detection of fake online reviews using semi-supervised and supervised learning
47Forensic Scanner Identification Using Machine Learning
48Use of Artificial Neural Networks to Identify Fake Profiles
49Analysis and Prediction of Industrial Accidents Using Machine Learning
50Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Random Forest & Cart Algorithm
51Identification of covid-19 spreaders using multiplex networks approach
52Object Tracking Using Python from Video
53Software Defect Estimation Using Machine Learning Algorithms
54MamaBot: A System Based on ML and NLP for Supporting Women and Families during Pregnancy
55Deep Texture Features for Robust Face Spoofing Detection
56Prediction of loan eligibility of the customer
57Using Deep Learning to Predict Plant Growth and Yield in Greenhouse Environments
58A Malware Detection Method for Health Sensor Data Based on Machine Learning
59Blood Cell Types Classification Using CNN
60Feature extraction for classifying students based on their academic performance
61Hazard Identification and Detection using Machine Learning Approach
62Effective Heart Disease Prediction using Hybrid ML Algorithms
63Noise Reduction in Web Data A Learning Approach Based on Dynamic User Interests
64Online Book Recommendation System by using Collaborative filtering and Association Mining
65Sentiment Analysis Using Telugu SentiWordNet
66Soil Moisture Retrieval using Groundwater Dataset using Machine Learning
67A Time-Series prediction model using long-short-term memory networks for the prediction of Covid – 19 data
68Detection of Cyber Attacks in Network using Machine Learning Techniques
69Duplicate Question Detection with Deep Learning in Stack Overflow
70Machine Learning Techniques Applied To Detect Cyber Attacks On Web Applications
71Performance Analysis and Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms in Rainfall Prediction
72A Machine Learning Model for Average Fuel Consumption in Heavy Vehicles
73Accident Detection
74BAT Deep Learning Methods on Network Intrusion Detection Using NSL-KDD Dataset
75Online Book store
76Data Poison Detection Schemes for Distributed Machine Learning
77Detecting At-Risk Students With Early Interventions Using Machine Learning Techniques
78Detection of Possible Illicit Messages Using Natural Language Processing and
79Machine Learning-Based Approaches for Detecting COVID-19 using Clinical Text Data
80Personalized effective feedback to address students’ frustration in an intelligent tutoring system
81Characterizing And Predicting Early Reviewers For Effective Product Marketing On Ecommerce Websites
82Semi-Supervised Machine Learning Approach For DDoS Detection
835g-Smart Diabetes Toward Personalized Diabetes Diagnosis With Healthcare Big Data Clouds
84Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Random Forest & Cart Algorithm
85Driver Drowsiness Monitoring System Using Visual Behaviour And Machine Learning
86E-Assessment Using Image Processing In ∞Exams
87Automating E-Government Using Ai
88Eye Ball Cursor Movement Using OpenCV
89Filtering Instagram Hashtags Through Crowdtagging And The Hits Algorithm
90Converging Blockchain and Machine Learning for Healthcare
91Suspicious Activity Detection
92Use Of Artificial Neural Networks To Identify Fake profiles
93Video-Based Abnormal Driving Behaviourdetection Via Deep Learning Fusions
94Crop Yield Prediction And Efficient Use Of Fertilizers
95Fake Images Detection
96Opinion Mining For Social Networking Sites
97Image Classification Using Cnn (Convolution Neural Networks) Algorithm
98Cyber Threat Detection Based On Artificial Neural Networks Using Event Profiles
99Analysis Of Women’s Safety In Indian Cities Using Machine Learning On Tweets
100Construction Site Accident Analysis Using Text Mining And Natural Language Processing Techniques
101Performance Comparison Of SVM ,Random Forest, And Extreme Learning Machine For Intrusion Detection
102Accident Detection System
103A Data Mining-Based Model For Detection Of Fraudulent Behaviour In Water Consumption(Standalone)
104Detection Of Lung Cancer From Ct Image Using Svm Classification And Compare The Survival Rate Of Patients Using 3d Convolutional Neural Network(3d Cnn)On Lung Nodules Data Set
105Automatic Facial Expression Recognition Using Features Extraction Based On Spatial & Temporal Sequences Using Cnn & Rnn Algorithm
106Facial Expression Recognition And Their Temporal Segments From Face Profile Image Sequences Using Yolo Object Detection Algorithm
107Cartoon Of An Image
108Bird Species Identification Using Deep Learning
109A Deep Learning Facial Expression Recognition Based Scoring System For Restaurants
110Seer Cancer Incidence Using Machine Learning With Data Analysis
111Loan Prediction Dataset Using Machine Learning With Data Analysis
112User-Centric Machine Learning Framework For Cyber Security Operations Center
113Recolored Image Detection
114Robust Malware Detection For IoT Devices Using Deep Eigenspace Learning
115Modeling And Predicting Cyber Hacking Breaches
116Image-Based Appraisal Of Real Estate Properties
117Heart Disease Prediction
118Crop prediction using machine learning
119Face mask detection using artificial intelligence
120Facial attendance system using artificial intelligence
121Skin disease prediction using deep learning
122Fruit disease prediction using deep learning
123Malaria disease prediction using deep learning
124Phishing email detection using convolutional neural network
125Type 2 diabetes prediction using machine learning
126Suicidal tweets detection using machine learning
127web community questions and answering
128currency recognize system using artificial intelligence
129Fake news Detection using machine learning
130Detection of fake online reviews using semi-supervised and supervised learning
131mobile price prediction using machine learning
132Vigorous malware detection for the internet of things devices using machine learning
133Estimating the price of houses using machine learning
134Predicting the strength of the concrete pillars used in industrial infrastructure
135Passive Aggressive Classifier for Detection of Encrypted VPN
136speech emotion recognition using mlp algorithm
137face emotion recognition system using artificial intelligence
138Data Analysis by Web Scraping using Python
139A Decision Tree-based Recommendation System for Tourists
140A Machine Learning Model for Average fuel consumption in Heavy Vehicles
141Density-Based Smart Traffic Control System UsingCanny Edge Detection Algorithm for CongregatingTraffic Information
142Image Classification Using CNN (Convolution Neural Networks) Algorithm
143Prudent Fraud Detection in Internet Banking
144Twitter sentimental analysis
145Android malware detection using Machine learning techniques
146Missing Child Identification System using DeepLearning and Multiclass SVM
147Emotion-Based Music recommendation system
148Stress Detection in IT Professionals
149Cryptocurrency Price Analysis with Artificial Intelligence
150Object detection using artificial intelligence
151Using Deep Learning to Predict Plant Growth and Yield in Greenhouse Environments
152Human Activity Recognition
153Deep Learning Model for Detecting COVID-19 on Chest X-Ray Using Convolutional Neural Networks
154Encryption And Decryption Algorithm Based On Neural Network
155FAMD: A Fast Multi-feature Android Malware Detection Framework, Design, and Implementation
156Image Super-Resolution using Convolution Neural Networks and Auto-encoders
157Lip Reading using Neural Networks and Deep learning
158Image Segmentation with Mask R-CNN
159Open Pose: Real-time Multi-Person 2D Pose Estimation using Part Affinity Fields
160Tuning Malconv: Malware Detection With Not Just Raw Bytes
161Research on Recognition Model of Crop Diseases and Insect Pests Based on Deep Learning in Harsh Environments
162Smart contract-based access control for health care data vehicle Pattern Recognition using Machine & Deep Learning to Predict Car Model
163Analysis of Women’s Safety in Indian Cities Using Machine Learning on Tweets
164Analyzing and estimating the IPL winner using machine learning
165Characterizing and predicting early reviewers for effective product marketing on eCommerce websites
166Crime Data Analysis Using Machine Learning Models
167Detection of fake online reviews using semi-supervised and supervised learning
168Detection of Malicious Code Variants Based on Deep Learning
169Detection and classification of fruit diseases using image processing & cloud computing
170Grape Leaf Disease Identification using Machine Learning Techniques
171Effective Heart Disease Prediction Using Hybrid Machine Learning Techniques
172Missing Child Identification System using Deep Learning and Multiclass SVM
173Music & Movie Recommendation
174Network Intrusion Detection using Supervised Machine Learning Technique with Feature Selection
175Prediction of Hepatitis Disease Using Machine Learning Technique
176Skin Disease Detection and Classification Using Deep Learning Algorithms
177Spammer Detection and Fake User Identification on Social Networks
178Using Deep Learning to Predict Plant Growth and Yield in Greenhouse Environments
179Using Data Mining Techniques to Predict Student Performance to Support Decision
180Making in University Admission Systems
181Latest CSE Python Projects on ML & AI – 2024
183An automated system to limit COVID-19 using facial mask detection in a smart city network
184Analysis and Prediction of COVID-19 using Time Series Forecasting
185Analysis and prediction of occupational accidents
186Analysis of Women’s Safety in Indian Cities Using Twitter Data
187Artist Recommendation System using Collaborative Filtering
189Authorship Identification Using Text Mining
190Automated word prediction in Telugu language using a Statistical approach
191Biometric Steganography Using Mid Position Value Technique
192Classification of COVID-19 Using Chest X-ray
193Covid-19 future forecasting
194Covid19 Social Distance Monitoring System Using YOLO
195Credit Card Fraud Detection
196Detection and Classification of Fruit Diseases
197Diabetic Retinopathy Detection
198Early prediction of Diabetes Mellitus using intensive care data to improve clinical decisions
199E-Certificates Issue Services Using Blockchain
200Face to Emoji using OpenCV and haar cascade classifier
201Facial Emotion Recognition using ML Algorithms
202Fake Job Recruitment Detection
203Fusion Approach to Infrared and Visible Images
204High-value customers identification for an E-Commerce company
205Image Caption And Speech Generation Using LSTM and GTTS API
206Image Deblurring
207IoT based Attendance System using Blockchain
208Malicious Application Detection Using Machine Learning
209Money Laundering Detection Using Machine Learning Methods
210Music Genre Classification using ML algorithms
211Object Detection and Alert System for Visually Impaired People
212Object detection and localization
213Offline Signature Forgery Detection
214People count on Surveillance Video
215Politeness Transfer A Tag and Generate Approach
216Prediction Analysis Using Support Vector Machine In Cardiovascular Ailments
217Product Recommendation System Using ML Technique
218Rice Crop Disease Detection
219Sign Language Translator for Speech Impaired
220Skin Lesion Classification
221StellarStudent Social Web Application for Colleges
222Survival of Heart Failure Prediction Using Feature Scaling
223Text Summarization Method
224Text to Image Generator using GAN
225Vessel detection from spaceborne images
226HR Analysis of Employee Attrition & Performance
227Analysis of Forest Fire Area Prediction
228Prediction of Chronic Kidney Disease Using Machine Learning
229Predicting the Resale Price of a Car
230Prediction Of Diabetes Mellitus
231Prediction of Exact Niche using Bank Data
232Prediction of Insurance Claims using Health Analysis
233Sales Prophesy in Business using ML
234Prediction Of Taxi Fare Using Exploratory Analysis
235Prediction of customer churn in the telecom industry
236Estimation Of Wine Quality Using Chemical Analysis Data
237The Simpsons Character Recognition
238IMDB Movie Review Analysis Using Bidirectional LSTM
239Pattern Recognition of IRIS Flower based on Artificial Intelligence
240Recommendation System
241Zomato Review System
242Drug Review Prediction
243Web Traffic Prediction
244Building a Model for MNIST Dataset using Convolutional
245Toxic Comment Detection
246Sonar Prediction
247Accuracy analysis using Fashion MNIST dataset
248Survival Analysis Of Diabetes
249Wine Quality Prediction
250Bank Churn Model
251Survival Analysis (Human Breast Cancer Prediction)
252Black Friday Sales Data Analysis Prediction
253Bank Marketing
254Breast Cancer Classification
255Company Turnover Predictor
256Pneumonia Prediction
257Employee Attrition Prediction
258Intelligent Album Creator
259Predicting The Readmission To Hospitals For Diabetic Patients
260Communication Through Gesture
261Twitter Sentiment Analysis
262Smart Security System Using Image Recognition
263Text Generation
264Crop Health Assistant using Artificial intelligence
265Air Quality Prediction
266Suspicious activity Detector
267Watch Bot
268Pneumonia Detection Using CNN
269Sentiment analysis of Twitter comments
270Motor Health Prediction
271Real or fake face Detection
272predicting simpson Characteristics
273The Sorting Hat
274Analysis of Airline reviews using NLP
275Heart Disease Prediction
276Cereal Analysis
277Fertilizer Prediction
278Turbine power prediction
279Kidney Disease Analysis
280Analysis of Accidents in 2017
281A Machine Learning Approach to Predict Crime Rate Analysis
282Advertising Based on Usage
283Life Expectancy
284Abalone Age Prediction
285Exploring the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency
286Predicting High Potential Employees and Employees at Risk
287Insurance Purchase Prediction
288MNIST Classification using CNN
289Vehicle resale value Prediction
290University Admission Prediction
291Automatic Challan Generation
292Smart investment Prediction
293Smart Security using Artificial Intelligence
294Bike Buyer Prediction
295Best Crop Prediction
296Taxi Fare Prediction
297Resale Values of Predicting Cars
298Power Consumption Prediction
299Health Insurance Prediction
300Health Monitoring System
301Crime Rate Prediction
302Assert Failure Prediction
303Adult Census Income Prediction Using Random Forest
304Smart Predictors
305Nutrition Analysis Using Image Classification
306Liver Patient Analysis
307Flood Prediction
308Customer Recommendation System
309Crop Protection Using Deep Learning Techniques
310Communication Using Gestures
311Car Performance Prediction
312Avalanche Prediction
3133D Printer Material Prediction
314Income Prediction Using Random Forest
315Term Deposit Subscription Prediction
316Advertisement popularity Prediction
317Google Review of Places Certificates
318Blood Cell Image Prediction

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